328. Fascinating Insights from a Multidimensional 9-Year-Old on Death, Time, and Everyday Magic - Jamie Butler channels Maitland

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Multidimensional being Maitland captures the limitless and fascinating nature of reality as she experiences it. In episode 328, Maitland is channeled by intuitive Jamie Butler about the death experience, time, and the magic in everyday life.

Maitland presents herself as a playful nine-year-old girl brimming with cosmic wisdom way beyond her apparent years. She channels through Jamie to help people rediscover childlike joy and remember their divine nature. In her past life as a human girl named Maitland, she took great joy in making adults laugh and lighting up rooms with her lively spirit. That youthful energy carries through as she conveys multidimensional concepts in a warm, down-to-earth way.

When I asked about the death process, Maitland stressed the huge impact our ingrained beliefs have in shaping the initial transition experience. Those expecting oblivion may temporarily experience nothingness after death until curiosity sparks exploration. Others emerge rapidly into expanded awareness. Some feel confusion similar to waking from a dream. The common thread involves getting greeted by loved ones, animal companions, even beloved landscapes and plants. The key is remembering our power to transform limiting beliefs and consciously design our reality both here and in subtler realms.

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Time and dimensionality operate far differently than our earthly linear assumptions, Maitland explained. Imagine each lifetime as a spoke on a bicycle wheel, connected to a divine center point integrating knowledge from the whole. We can access that higher vantage point through meditation and consciously influence all lifetimes at once, rather than viewing events as isolated incidents. Moreover, even within a particular lifetime, we generate multiple probabilities and storylines based on the choices we made. So rather than one fixed history, many co-existing, intertwining timelines weave together possibilities explored across our incarnations simultaneously. Linear time provides helpful structure but exists alongside the magic and timelessness of the eternal present.

The key takeaway involves embracing curiosity and change as portals to the miraculous. Limiting mainstream narratives often obscure just how vast our human potential really is. Yet we each can awaken to our own direct experiences that defy consensus reality. That might mean encountering uncanny synchronicities, telepathic knowings, radical healings, or phenomena not yet named. But opening to new paradigms allows us to playfully rediscover the strange and wondrous birthright we forgot was there all along. Our beliefs and imagination fuel what becomes real. The more lightness and trust we bring to that dance of co-creation, the more magic unfolds.

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