330. Navigating The Cosmos: Astrology As A Guiding Light - Letao Wang

Letao Wang

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Discover the surprising link between Chinese and Western astrology as acclaimed author and astrologist Letao Wang reveals the unique perspective he gained from his transition from traditional Chinese upbringing to Western astrology teachings. In episode 330, we uncover how mythology and astrology intertwine to deepen our understanding of ourselves. Plus, get ready for a sequel to his Oracle of the Mythic Heroes deck, the Oracle of the Celestial Deities, coming this June. 

I think we should just all be very open-minded towards all these kinds of studies, because I believe that all these studies have a long history, they have been researched and studied by a lot of people and astrologers and authors. And the most important thing is we find the one that really works for us and we can just stick to that and usually that will be good. - Letao Wang

Letao Wang is a professional astrologist, tarot specialist, and the founder of the Healing Kingdom. With a strong background in astrology, tarot, and numerology readings, Letao has been offering his services to clients in Hong Kong and abroad since 2015. As an acclaimed author of the Oracle of the Mythical Heroes, Letao's expertise lies in incorporating mythology and storytelling into astrology, providing a unique and holistic approach to understanding both Western and Chinese astrology. With a passion for sharing knowledge, Letao's insights offer a fresh perspective on the differences between Chinese and Western astrology, making him a valuable expert for those interested in delving deeper into the world of astrology.

Letao's journey into the world of astrology and mythology is a captivating tale of unexpected turns and courageous choices. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, Letao's academic pursuits revolved around math and Chinese literature, a world away from Western mythology and astrology. It wasn't until Letao moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue a master's degree that fate intervened, bringing an encounter with a unique astrology teacher who broke the mold by weaving astrology into captivating mythological narratives. This unconventional approach resonated deeply with Letao, sparking a profound fascination with the intricate relationships and narratives within mythology. Transitioning from a conventional career path to embracing astrology and mythology as a profession presented challenges, particularly in reconciling personal aspirations with familial expectations. Nevertheless, Letao's unwavering passion and commitment to storytelling through mythology and astrology have led to a transformative approach to counseling and tarot reading. By intertwining personal narratives with mythological wisdom, Letao offers a fresh perspective on self-discovery, empowering others to embark on their own journeys of introspection and growth.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore the fascinating differences between Chinese and Western astrology to gain a deeper understanding of astrological traditions.

  • Discover the significance of mythology in understanding yourself through astrology, and how it can enrich your spiritual journey.

  • Learn how to use oracle decks in astrology for gaining insight and guidance in your daily life and decision making.

  • Uncover the benefits of incorporating daily oracle card pulls into your routine for enhancing self-reflection and intuition.

  • Gain insights into transitioning to a spiritual career and how astrology can play a role in guiding your path forward.

Chinese Astrology and Birth Trends
Over the centuries, Chinese astrology has deeply influenced many Asian countries' demographic trends with their 'lucky' and 'unlucky' years. Many parents plan their babies' birth years carefully, desiring certain zodiac signs known for specific traits like intelligence, courage, or prosperity. This belief in astrological influences on a person’s fate and personality has been a driving factor behind numerous societal norms and expectations. During our conversation, Letao highlights how, in some regions, the dragon year is considered a fortunate birth year. Consequently, it tends to see a notable spike in birth rates. Individuals born under this symbol are believed to possess traits like charisma and success, a notion highly cherished in Chinese culture. Letao's insights give listeners an intriguing look into how Chinese astrological beliefs can significantly influence societal and personal habits, reinforcing its key role in shaping cultural incentives and aspirations. He also alludes to a zodiac year that parents avoid, but he doesn't say which one! What do you think it could be?

Holistic Self-Understanding through Different Tools
Holistic self-understanding is a journey to the deepest corners of one's self. Tools like astrology, numerology, and tarot empower individuals to explore their inner realms, discover their potentials, understand their challenges, and embrace their unique life paths. By integrating wisdom from various systems, one can gain a comprehensive view of their being, fostering personal growth and transformation. In the episode, Letao talks about his holistic approach to self-understanding and spiritual work. Straddling between Chinese astrology, numerology, oracle cards, and storytelling, he provides his clients with unique and profound insights into their life situations and self. His story reaffirms the idea that different disciplines often dovetail, resonating with one another in surprising ways. Hence, an open mind and heart can lead to more significant personal discoveries. Drawing on different tools and wisdom traditions often offers a broader, richer perspective on life's complexities and helps navigate them with grace and understanding.

Chinese Astrology vs. Western Astrology
Game of thrones or Journey to the West? Dragons or phoenixes? When it comes to mapping the cosmic blueprint of your life, there’s a world of difference between Chinese and Western astrology. Each system unique in its depth, symbolism, and methodologies, they offer awe-inspiring perspectives into understanding one's self, relationships, and life paths. One could be a far-sighted eagle in Western astrology, known for ambition, passion, and resilience. Yet, in Chinese astrology, they might be a wise and introspective Snake, symbolizing elegance, negotiation skills, and determination. In this episode, Letao explores this fascinating divergence. He tells of his journey as an astrologer, shedding light on his preference for Chinese astrology, while appreciating Western practices. Letao provides engaging and informative insights into the contrast between the two, from basic tenets and animal zodiac to the role of celestial bodies. Listeners will discover a new appreciation for these ancient arts of understanding the human spirit, personality, and destiny.

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  • To explore Letao Wang's work and book a private session with him, visit his website at www.thehealingkingdom.com or connect with him on his official Instagram account @letaowang.

  • Look out for Letao Wang's upcoming Oracle Deck, Oracle of the Celestial Deities, set to be released in June by Beyond Words Publishing. Keep an eye out for this sequel to the Oracle of the Mythic Heroes and consider adding it to your collection.

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