329. Shifting Quantum Realities: Navigating the Ascension Process - Mina the Andromeda

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Want to experience a profound shift in your timeline and manifest your desired reality? Discover the solution to empowering your spiritual awakening and manifesting your dream timeline shifts. Join us as me and Mina the Andromedan in episode 329 as we delve into the impact of quantum healing and how it can elevate your journey. Get ready to unlock the secrets to manifesting your highest timeline shifts!

Trust for your journey. Trust for yourself. And know that you're not alone. We are all in this together.

- Mina the Andromedan

Mina the Andromedan, an Andromedan-Archangel-Lyrian hybrid, is a captivating storyteller and spiritual guide with a profound understanding of quantum healing and timeline shifts. Through her channeling of messages and light language, Mina offers a unique perspective on galactic history, star seeds, and the journey towards higher ascension trajectories. Her remarkable ability to access higher density versions of herself provides a transformative experience for those seeking spiritual awakening. With a wealth of experiences including near-death encounters, contacts, and memories of past lives, Mina's insights are deeply rooted in cosmic wisdom, offering valuable guidance for individuals on their spiritual revolution. Mina's contributions to the exploration of growth and development resonate with those seeking empowerment and manifestation of desired timelines.

This is Mina's story:

Mina's captivating journey delves into the extraordinary experiences that have shaped her profound understanding of galactic history and spirituality. From a young age, she displayed remarkable cognitive abilities, recalling vivid memories of past and parallel lives, including four major deaths and numerous near-death experiences. As a channeler and contactee, Mina offers a unique perspective on her interactions with higher density versions of herself and extraterrestrial beings. Her involvement with the Andromedan High Council and their role in the unfolding timeline shifts provides an intriguing insight into the impact of quantum healing. Mina's story not only offers a glimpse into her profound spiritual awakening, but also sheds light on the transformative power of galactic connections and the profound impact of quantum healing on her journey.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the fascinating Galactic history and star seed origins, unlocking hidden truths about your own cosmic journey.

  • Experience the profound benefits of light language in spiritual growth, enhancing your connection to higher realms and inner wisdom.

  • Harness the transformative impact of quantum healing on timeline shifts, unlocking the power to manifest your desired reality.

  • Explore the pivotal role of star seeds in Earth's ascension process, understanding your unique purpose in the collective awakening.

  • Discover effective techniques and benefits of telekinesis training, tapping into your untapped potential for mind-over-matter abilities.

Awakening to Light Language and Communing with Native American Tribes
Light language, a form of energy transmission beyond human language, is said to be beneficial for spiritual development and healing. It resonates with our soul’s frequency, resulting in an awakening of sorts. Further, establishing a connection with indigenous communities can be enriching, offering us a glimpse into their knowledge systems rooted in respect for the Earth and spirituality. During the podcast, Mina shared her experiences of helping others activate their light language and her interactions with Native American Tribes. She mentioned how these episodes made her feel less isolated and more part of a spiritual community. She also performed a light language activation during the podcast, underscoring her abilities and her intent to share the same with the world. By understanding her journey, we get an insight into how pursuing a spiritual path can be enriched by awakening to practices like light language and connecting with indigenous wisdom.

Manifesting and Self-Limiting Beliefs
Manifesting, as we know it, is the process of turning our desires into reality. However, self-limiting beliefs can often hamper this process. Oftentimes, we become our own stumbling block, coming up with reasons why we can't achieve our dreams. It's important to recognize these thoughts for what they are - distractions - and not to allow them to get in the way of our journey of manifesting our desires. During our conversation, Mina stressed avoiding self-limiting beliefs or thoughts that create lower timelines, which might disrupt the manifesting process. Mina highlighted how these lower timelines can fuel insecurities and self-doubt, undermining our power to sculpt our own reality. She focused on the need for individuals to shift focus back to raising their vibrations, pushing their boundaries and breaking free of the shackles of limiting beliefs, thereby maintaining control over their life's trajectory.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit https://minafultravels.com/ to access the upcoming light language harp music and the soul blueprint creation service.

  • Check out the More Than Human Masterclass for learning telekinesis, telepathy, and other psychic abilities.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:06 - Introduction to the Podcast
Kara Goodwin introduces the podcast and guest Mina the Andromedan, highlighting the platform for spiritual revolution and conscious awakening.

00:01:32 - Mina's Work and Background
Mina shares her background as an Andromedan Archangel Lyrian hybrid, her role on the Andromedan council, and her purpose in helping humanity realize its potential and choose higher timelines through channeling and light language.

00:05:56 - Energetic Update for the US
Mina discusses the current and future events in the US, including the release of information by the government, the potential for more UFO sightings and contact, and the implications of government actions on disclosure and first contact.

00:08:45 - Miami Incident and Government Disclosure
Mina elaborates on the Miami mall incident involving interdimensional entities, government cover-ups, and the frustration of star seeds with the lack of genuine disclosure and transparency from the government.

00:13:43 - Response of Star Seeds to Government Actions
Kara and Mina reflect on the responses of star seeds to government actions, planned disclosure events, and the impact of these events on the collective awakening and shift in consciousness.

00:14:24 - Negotiating Disclosure with Governments
Mina discusses the negotiation process with governments for disclosure of alien activity. She mentions the pressure put on them to meet disclosure plans and the back and forth between aliens and humans.

00:15:14 - Communication with Governments
Mina explains that different alien races communicate with the government through various methods, including equipment, beings in human form, and technology. She mentions the Galactic Federation and its representatives.

00:17:10 - Receiving Intel from the Andromedan Council
Mina shares her experience of receiving information from the Andromedan Council. She discusses how it happens in real time through her left eye and sometimes in the astral or during meditation.

00:23:30 - Star Seed Mission
Mina explains the mission of star seeds, referring to them as "sleeper cells" placed on Earth to bring about ascension for humanity. She discusses the different waves of volunteers and the role of star seeds in raising the planet's vibration.

00:27:54 - UFO Sightings in Australia
Mina talks about UFO sightings in Australia and the influence of the American government on Australian government's stance. She mentions a significant sighting in Victoria and the government's response to UFO reports.

00:29:29 - Global Acknowledgment of Alien Existence
Discussion about various countries acknowledging the existence of aliens, including Israel's prime minister's statement and the subsequent war. Importance of non-influence from the United States.

00:30:26 - Galactic History Reports and Earth Missions
Mina's insight on galactic history reports and their role in activating memories and aiding in the collective mission of healing and ascension. Discussion on the importance of inner work and healing for individual and collective progress.

00:31:24 - Remembrance and Activation
Mina explains how galactic history reports serve as a form of remembrance, activating memories within individuals. Emphasis on the parallel nature of past lives and their relevance to current challenges and healing.

00:34:05 - Balancing Upper and Lower Chakras
Insights into the shift in focus from upper chakras to lower chakras, and the significance of integrating galactic knowledge with earthly experiences. Discussion on the need to help individuals integrate and balance their energy centers.

00:37:55 - Timeline Shifts and Future Projections
Discussion on the anticipated changes leading up to 2030, including full disclosure of information, open contact, and a bifurcation of timelines. Emphasis on the role of individuals in manifesting and co-creating timelines for collective evolution.

00:43:44 - Manifesting and Self-Limiting Beliefs
Mina discusses how self-limiting beliefs and doubt can create alternate timelines, affecting the manifestation of desires. She emphasizes the importance of course correcting and manifesting one's highest timeline while avoiding self-deprecating thoughts.

00:44:55 - Changing Timelines and Mandela Effects
Mina delves into the concept of changing timelines and the Mandela effect, where memories differ from the current reality. She explains how individuals can shift timelines based on their memories and experiences, leading to a deeper discussion on the topic.

00:47:20 - Vibrational Interactions and Soul Blueprint
Mina explores the idea of star seeds interacting with individuals in lower vibrations and how it can be emotionally taxing. She also shares insights about her upcoming project, the soul blueprint, which aims to create personalized sacred geometry based on past lives and races.

00:50:13 - Crystal Harp and Light Language
Mina introduces her quartz crystal harp and discusses her plans to create angelic music with it. She also mentions the development of light language and shares her vision for incorporating it into her upcoming projects, offering a glimpse into her creative process and inspirations.

00:54:01 - More Than Human Masterclass and Future Offerings
Mina highlights the success of her recent more than human masterclass, where participants learned telekinesis, telepathy, and other abilities. She also reveals her plans to offer individual modules for specific skills and provides details

00:57:14 - Awakening to Light Language and Communing with Native American Tribes
Mina talks about coming out in 2012 and how she noticed people responding to her light language. She shares her experiences of activating people's light language, communing with native American tribes, and the legend of the star people.

00:58:25 - Invigorating with Light Language Codes
Mina shares light language codes to invigorate and bring hope and faith, encouraging gratitude and love for one's journey. She emphasizes the importance of trusting oneself and finding all the answers within.

00:59:04 - Sharing Trust and Unity
Mina continues to bring in light language codes, encouraging trust in one's journey and self. She emphasizes that no one is alone and that everyone is in this together.

01:00:42 - Releasing Stress and Worries
Mina guides listeners to release stress and worries, allowing the light language to carry them throughout the day. The conversation ends with gratitude and blessings for the day and week ahead.

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