327. How to Rewrite Your Past Through Forgiveness and Find Inner Peace - Diego Sanmiguel

Diego Sanmiguel

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If you're feeling stuck in a cycle of resentment and unable to let go of past hurts, then you are not alone! Despite trying to forgive and move forward, you find yourself constantly triggered by old wounds, unable to truly find peace and healing. The pain of these unresolved emotions continues to affect your life, leaving you feeling trapped and unable to grow spiritually.

Diego Sanmiguel is an experienced spiritual teacher with over 20 years of expertise in Eastern ancient arts, particularly focusing on Taoism and medical qigong. His deep understanding of energetic and spiritual principles, coupled with his practical entrepreneurial skills, enables him to empower individuals through transformative and accessible ancient teachings. Diego's approach fosters balance, spiritual growth, and enhanced personal and relational development, making him a valuable guide on the journey to spiritual enlightenment. He shares his wisdom and expertise in episode 328 of Meditation Conversation.

This is Diego's story:

Diego's spiritual journey began in his formative years, influenced by his parents' pursuit of spiritual growth. As a child, Diego was introduced to various traditions and cultures, igniting his curiosity and shaping his spiritual sensitivity. However, his quest for genuine guidance was met with frustration as he encountered insincere spiritual leaders. This led him towards the corporate world, only to realize that financial success alone couldn't fulfill his deeper yearning for spiritual connection. It was a serendipitous encounter in California that ultimately led him to his current mentor, marking a pivotal turning point in his life. Diego's unwavering determination to seek authenticity in spiritual teachings and his profound journey of self-discovery resonates with the universal quest for genuine purpose and meaning in today's fast-paced world.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Overcome spiritual journey frustrations and find inner peace.

  • Adapt ancient teachings to transform your modern life.

  • Discover bite-sized teachings for immediate, tangible results.

  • Learn to balance spirituality with the demands of modern life.

  • Unlock the power of forgiveness for personal and relational growth.

Changing the Past through Forgiveness
The past is unchangeable, but our perception of the past isn’t. By embracing forgiveness, we can change our perception of past events and recast negative experiences into positive, learning experiences that inspire personal and relational growth. During our conversation, Diego highlighted the power of forgiveness as a catalyst for transformative growth. He shared a touching story of a CEO who was able to change his perception of a traumatic event from his past through forgiveness. By forgiving and finding gratitude for his past, the CEO managed to replace painful memories with a positive narrative, inspiring immense growth and transformation in his life. This practice also seemed to truly change the past for other people as well, as Diego's telling of that mystical story illustrates.

Observing and Changing Our Responses
We have little control over circumstances and people in our life, but we can certainly control our reactions. By thoughtfully observing our emotional responses, we can work towards changing them in ways that are more positive, enabling us to cultivate emotional intelligence and resilience. Diego emphasized this point when explaining the concept of spiritual irony, whereby people attempt to align with an archetype of spiritual development at the cost of denying their own emotional responses. He suggests observing and breathing through our emotional responses before reacting, thus allowing us to channel the energy into a positive transformation rather than allowing it to become a poison.

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  • Visit Diego's website at to explore his blog and find information about his trainings and offerings.

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