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Renowned channeler Daniel Scranton has manifested some remarkable outcomes in his life, but even he has found that creating real change requires working from the inside out. In episode 326 of The Meditation Conversation podcast, Daniel shared the story of how he managed to manifest his dream home in Australia after over a year of challenges and uncertainty.

The key, Daniel explained, was maintaining faith in his ability to attract his desired outcome while working to shift his internal state, energy and beliefs. It took patience and persistence to sell his house in Maui and secure financing for the new home during a difficult period. But Daniel focused on feeling appreciation for what he had and held the vision of his perfect home firmly in mind.

He also opened himself up to receiving support, feeling deserving of abundance and trusting in the process. The universe delivered in magical ways - with the purchase finalizing on the auspicious date of 11/11. Daniel says that despite not being perfect at managing his thoughts and vibration at all times, he feels tremendously blessed by the grace and ease with which his manifestations occur.

Daniel also introduced listeners to a high-vibe collective consciousness he channels called Thymus - the ascended masters. Bringing through timeless wisdom, Thymus explained why focusing inward is so critical to conscious creation, "As you reach out to the galactic and you reach out to the energies that are present at any time and you seek to absorb them, it is like saying to this Universe, I am ready for more."

Thymus urged listeners to connect with their multidimensional nature and higher aspects for more clarity and guidance. As Daniel demonstrated, we each have tremendous power to write new futures for ourselves. But lasting happiness starts from within. Why not begin today by nurturing the relationship with your higher self? The more we expand our consciousness, the more we realize just how limitless our potential really is.

If you enjoyed this high-level summary of the discussion with Daniel, be sure to check out the full episode here.

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