325. Harnessing the Power of Pyramids: Unlocking Frequency for Communication

Neil Gaur

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Uncover the mind-bending revelations about galactic human origins and the secret pyramids that are hidden in plain sight in episode 325 of Meditation Conversation. Join Neil Gaur from Portal to Ascension as he unravels the mysteries of ancient civilizations and extraterrestrial beings, challenging everything you thought you knew about humanity's past. From the forgotten pyramids of North America to the untold stories of Lemuria, prepare to expand your understanding of human history in ways you never imagined. This episode left me questioning everything I thought I knew! 

It's not about whether it's a higher frequency or lower frequency. It's about a harmonic frequency and disharmonic frequency. What happens to Earth as we fall from grace is we fall into disharmony. So I feel that a lot of these tools and technology and pyramids were created in order to cultivate harmony on the planet. - Neil Gaur

Neil Gaur, founder of Portal to Ascension, is passionate about ancient wisdom, future science, and the exploration of sound, vibration, and frequency. With a background in philosophy, history, and research, Neil's work encompasses deep dives into ancient civilizations, archaeological discoveries, and the nature of reality. His pursuit of uncovering the interconnectedness of humanity and exploring the potential extraterrestrial origins of ancient beings has led to thought-provoking revelations that challenge traditional understandings of human history. Through his conscious event production company, Neil facilitates gatherings and workshops, working with over 1500 researchers, spiritualists, and scientists to empower people on their spiritual journey.

Neil's journey into the world of ancient history and extraterrestrial beings began with his unique upbringing. Raised in an Indian family, he was surrounded by a linear, scientific environment, and paradoxically struggled in traditional academic subjects. This early exposure to diverse belief systems and traditions sparked his curiosity about the connections between religions. As he delved deeper into the ancient scriptures of various cultures, he stumbled upon the Sumerian tablets of creation, which served as a pivotal moment in his quest for understanding. With his inquisitive mind and open approach to different faiths, Neil embarked on a 23-year-long mission to piece together the puzzle of human origins and unearth the potential interconnection between ancient scriptures and modern scientific concepts. His captivating story weaves together the realms of history, religion, and cosmic mysteries.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover an alternative history of humanity and the mysterious extraterrestrial presence that has shaped our existence.

  • Explore the existence of an enigmatic extra planet known as Nibiru and its potential impact on our understanding of the cosmos.

  • Decode ancient scriptures and metaphors to reveal their surprising connections to the mind-bending world of quantum physics.

  • Delve into the fascinating origins of galactic humans and the secrets hidden within ancient pyramid civilizations.

  • Discover the interconnectedness of different religions and the shared stories that may hold the key to unlocking profound universal truths.

Interconnectedness of religions and shared stories
Religions across different cultures, despite their unique contexts and ideologies, share common elements. These shared elements and his readings of the Sumerian tablets led Neil to question if these could be sources of underlying truths. Exploring the connections of religions and their shared beliefs can offer a new angle for viewing humanity's spiritual journey. In our discussion, Neil emphasizes the common symbols and stories found across different religions. He connects beings described as 'gods' or 'angels' in religious scriptures to the Anunnaki and Ejigi species, proposing that these could have technologically advanced extraterrestrial origins. By tracing links between diverse religious scriptures and ancient civilizations, Neil encourages listeners to reassess the beliefs of our religious and spiritual past.

Ancient Civilizations and Extraterrestrial Beings
In every era of human history, there have always been questions about the origins of mankind and the possibility of existence of higher, technologically advanced beings: extraterrestrials. Neil takes us on an intellectual journey of ancient civilizations and the lesser known aspects of human history, giving an insight on a universe far more complex and interconnected than what's generally perceived. This exploration offers an alternate viewpoint challenging conventional understanding, fostering thoughts on cosmic mysteries and our own existence. From the conversation, it's obvious how Neil painstakingly pieces together fragments of seemingly disparate information into a connection of various religious scriptures, ancient scriptures, and quantum physics. He pulled together diverse findings such as the elliptical orbit of the unorthodox planet, Nibiru, and the existence of humanoid gods - Anunnaki and the Ejigi, to construct a theory of technologically advanced extraterrestrials. Each piece, while extraordinary on its own, contributes to a larger, intriguing mosaic of our origin history.

Exploration of true human history
Curiosity about our history has relentlessly driven humans to explore the depths of time, unearthing stories buried beneath centuries of evolution. This questioning not only adds to our knowledge but also kindles fascination with the past. The exploration into human history and extraterrestrial influences could forge critical shifts in our understanding of humanity's timeline. It encourages us to embrace out-of-the-box thinking and be open to the exploration of obscure aspects. During our conversation, Neil dives deep into what he believes is the 'true human history'. From his perspective, metaphors in ancient scriptures hint at an advanced understanding of complex sciences, such as quantum physics and genetic mutations. He also draws links between shared stories and symbols across diverse religions, challenging the scientific community's conventional perspective of history.

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