324. Breaking Free of the Matrix: Keys to Unlocking Your Eternal Freedom with Isabella Greene

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If you're feeling frustrated by the cycle of seeking spiritual freedom, only to find yourself trapped in the same old patterns, then you are not alone! Many are drawn to the concept of reincarnation and finally becoming free of the cycle of karma. Isabella Greene is on a mission to help people tap into tools that will truly liberate their souls. Is there a path that leads to lasting spiritual liberation once and for all? I loved exploring the journey of self-discovery and transcendence with Isabella.

You need to work on it to experience the state of divinity. And it's possible through tings like Kriya yoga, kundalini yoga breath, and the cosmic cobra breath takes you right there. You don't have to believe anything. You will experience God eventually if you keep doing that. - Isabella Greene

Isabella Greene, a respected spiritual teacher and author, is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of astral and quantum realm exploration. Through her work, she aims to guide individuals towards expanded consciousness and heightened self-awareness, fostering spiritual enlightenment and soul exploration. Isabella questions traditional constructs and finding your unique path, which offers a refreshing approach to spiritual growth. With her deep understanding of bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical realms, Isabella provides invaluable insights for those seeking to unlock their spiritual potential.

Isabella goes into detail on her own journey and gives practical advice on how to move forward for yourself in her book, Leaving the Trap.


Isabella's journey into astral and quantum realm exploration began as a search for personal enlightenment and spiritual liberation. She shares her fascinating story in episode 324 of the Meditation Conversation podcast, revealing how she went into the depths of soul exploration after feeling a deep yearning for a greater understanding of the universe and her place within it. Isabella talks about the pivotal moment when she stumbled upon the concept of astral projection and the quantum realm, igniting a profound curiosity within her. This curiosity led to a transformative journey of self-discovery and heightened consciousness, ultimately shaping her into the insightful spiritual guide she is today. Isabella embodies the essence of seeking truth and embracing the unknown, inviting us to join her in the exploration of expanded consciousness and heightened self-awareness.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unlock spiritual insights on liberation and consciousness for profound personal growth and self-discovery.

  • Discover the powerful Cobra breath technique for holistic healing and inner balance.

  • Explore the astral and quantum realms to expand consciousness and unlock hidden truths.

  • Delve into soul connections and gain profound insights into reincarnation for deeper self-awareness.

  • Embark on a journey to master your nonphysical self and achieve heightened spiritual enlightenment.

Purpose of Learning to Exit the Reincarnation Cycle
Humans have long grappled with the purpose of life, the journey after death, and the concept of reincarnation. Understanding the mechanisms behind reincarnation can empower individuals to direct their soul's path consciously. It's normal to think of death as an ending, but learning about the reincarnation cycle can offer liberation: death is simply a shift in the soul journey, opening new dimensions and existential experiences. This enlightening change of perspective brings a state of conscious acceptance, enabling us to have greater control in our spiritual journey and choose when and where to reincarnate. From Isabella's perspective, the active pursuit of conscious understanding about the reincarnation cycle is essential to avoid trapping one's soul after death. She emphasizes that our habit of leaving crucial decisions until death can trap us in the next level of astral existence. Isabella believes consciously directing our spirit form and being deliberate in exiting our body at will is crucial at the time of death. Recognizing this ability while still alive can help us escape the perpetual cycles of reincarnation.

Understanding Exiting the Trap
While awareness of the reincarnation cycle grants power over our soul's journey, it's also important to understand the trap that binds our spiritual forms in continued cycles of birth and death. The trap can tether our energy to low-frequency dimensions, obstructing transcendence into a realm of superior consciousness. It's similar to recognizing a maze's tricks and tactfully avoiding the pitfalls, enabling liberation from limiting systems. In our conversation, Isabella delves into potential traps that you may encounter in the spiritual realm. She speaks about non-terrestrial entities that, though seeming to coming to Earth as guides, may manipulate individuals into accepting reincarnation during near-death experiences. Her insights offer a perspective of discernment to distinguish between true liberation and possible traps.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit Isabella Greene's website, Isabellagreen.com, to find information about her upcoming events and offerings, an upcoming workshop.

  • Stay tuned for Isabella Greene's online courses and pre-recorded workshops, which will be available for purchase on her website in the future.

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