33. Real-World Power Within via Spiritual Awakening - Modern Mysticism with Michael

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We had an incredible chat with Michael Massey, modern mystic/urban shaman (and just generally a deep, deep beautiful soul), who takes us on a mystical journey discussing his spiritual awakening - the single pixel of bliss which initiated it and some of the extraordinary events which propelled it. We discuss the enormous real-world power of rising kundalini, state-dependent memory, the access of light via dark realms, physical healing as a by-product of spiritual awakening, practical advice about how to progress along the path, the hidden gems which are the elements, the importance of observing the sabbath, and so much more.

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[00:00:00.610] - Alessandra
Welcome to the Meditation Conversation. You are listening to Kara and Alessandra. Welcome to the Meditation Conversation. Today we are happy to welcome Michael Massey to the podcast. He has an interesting life story to share with us. He's born in Brazil, a missionary parents raised in a Christian Church. And then he moved to California, where he got a degree in engineering, and he worked in Mongolia and the Democratic Republic of Congo with the software system. Is that right, Michael?

[00:00:53.070] - Michael
Wireless communications.

[00:00:54.460] - Alessandra
Okay, thank you. But then you left the tech world and went through two years of shamanic initiation. And then after that, you traveled for seven years as a wandering wizard, which I don't know what it is. We'll explore that. And right now we have you settled in Sedona, and this is where you and Kara met. So I barely know anything about you. But from what I heard from Kara, I'm really excited to hear about you.

[00:01:22.330] - Kara
Yes, absolutely. And I'm so excited to dive deeper with Michael as well. So we cross paths because my family and I went to Arizona for fall break a few weeks ago. And I knew enough about Arizona and particularly the Sedona area to know that it was kind of a spiritual Mecca. But that was all I knew was it was kind of a destination. It was a very spiritual place. I didn't know why, I didn't know how, but I knew that if I got there, I would figure something out. And so I did a tiny bit of research and booked the family in on a spiritual vortex tour. And this was where I met Michael. And it was really amazing. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't really know what a spiritual vortex was. I really knew nothing. And I don't know. My expectations were reasonable, but I kind of thought, well, let's just see where this goes. And what I found was this very deep soul guiding this tour. And just it was so expansive. It was such a beautiful experience. And the little bits of information I was able to glean from Michael about his past just were like these little breadcrumbs that I was like, I want to know more.

[00:02:59.470] - Kara
I want to know more. I want to know more. And so it's like, will you please come on the podcast and just talk about your journey? And I don't even know if we're going to be able to scratch the surface because it was kind of like every time a topic would come up, he would like, just go so deeply with so few words. But it was like I knew that there was just so much more that if we could have just had like a cup of tea and we could have drilled down into any given subject for a long time. So with that said, let me stop talking because I don't have interesting things to say. Let's turn it over to Michael. Thank you so much for being with us. Why don't you just start with your journey? Because I know as Alessandra led us through, you've kind of had some winding paths that have gotten you to where you are and a lot of learning and a lot of transformation. So just tell us about that.

[00:04:09.630] - Michael
Okay. Well, thank you, Kara. Thank you, Alessandra, for having me here on your podcast and Greetings all those listeners out there.

[00:04:32.530] - Michael
So it's an honor to be asked to actually share my own life path and where it's kind of taken me through a mini adventure along the way. As Alessandra mentioned, I have a background in engineering and technology, got my degree in that. Actually went into the Navy as a nuclear engineer. I got an early exit out of the Navy due to it blew out my knee, and Unfortunately, I was unable to climb ladders anymore, which makes it pretty much useless in the Navy. So I got an early exit out of the Navy, and this was in the late ninety s, and the Internet boom was happening. And so I went into satellite communication systems and ended up bringing the country of Mongolia online to the Internet in the went over to the Congo, and I redesigned the banking system there in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those were two of my notable international projects over the course of my career there in technology, I end up doing business on five different continents, maybe about three dozen countries or so. Eventually, I came back from the Congo. I started my own software business in Los Angeles, designing artificial intelligence systems to govern network infrastructure.

[00:06:09.410] - Michael
I ran that for about five or six years. I had about 20 employees. And then in 2008, everything came crashing down. Capital markets dried up with the big financial collapse and kind of wiped me out in more ways than one. I was living kind of a high octane, burning the candle of both ends existence there in Los Angeles, and my health had been really adversely affected. So I developed a case of psoriatic arthritis that had permeated my whole body. It got to the point where my fingers were three, four times normal size. I couldn't zip up my own pants. I couldn't turn a key in the door. I was all through my back, my joints, my toes, my feet. It was a struggle every morning just to make it to the bathroom and back that time things needed to change. So I shut down on my business there in Los Angeles, and I retreated back to New Bloomington, Indiana, where my parents live. And I rented a little house there. And that's where my transformation began to unfold. So that's kind of the background what brought me to this. I'm certainly not alone in how a crisis can bring us to a transformation right?

[00:07:57.970] - Alessandra
Yeah, we all know about that.

[00:08:03.990] - Michael
It can happen any other way, you know, otherwise, we'll just continue with the status quo. So this was my crises. And so I rent a little house there in Bloomington, Indiana and I connected with an old friend from high school and he was really the catalyst that started a process. And it began with him taking me out to the Lake outside of Bloomington. It's called Lake Monroe. It's the largest Lake in Indiana and I remember it was the first eight meteor shower in August 2009 where it all kind of began. And as we went out to Lake, the meter shower was spectacular. And I've never seen anything like this before. I counted 115 meteors in 3 hours. Many of them were like big, huge flaming fireballs leaving smoke trails in the sky. It was exquisite. And I was just completely just mesmerized at this awe of experiencing in nature. And I'm lying out on this dock and I closed my eyes. And now I'd had some prior experience with meditation in my life with varying different results. As I closed my eyes, I just saw the Yankee blackness with my eyes shut. And then out of that, I just saw one little Pixel of light.

[00:09:45.930] - Michael
And this one little Pixel of light just dropped right into me and it hit me right in the high heart. Boom. It just lit me up. And I knew immediately what it was. I knew it to be one little drop of unconditional love. I knew that this was what I was looking for my whole life, even though I didn't know I was looking for it.

[00:10:19.810] - Alessandra
Yeah, that's so beautiful.

[00:10:22.870] - Kara
And I don't want to stop your flow, but while we're on this topic of where you were in time and space, this is another thing that was so funny when we met because you've got travelers from all over the world coming to Sedona coming on your tours. So where are you guys from? We were one of two families on that trip. We're from the Indianapolis area and you had lived in Bloomington. That's where I went to College. You're talking about Lake Monroe. My dad had a condo on Lake Monroe for many years. So I also was on Lake Monroe at this time because I don't know if I was there for the meteor shower, I don't remember that. But for about several summers, maybe eight summers, we would go every month and spend a weekend on Lake Monroe. And so we would look out over that beautiful reservoir, look at the night sky. We would get our skywalk app out and put it up against the sky so we could figure out which consolations we were looking at. And I couldn't resist just sharing that. So please carry on.

[00:11:39.410] - Michael
It's a beautiful connection that we have there. Yes, that was a night that really changed the whole course of events for me. And I remember coming home after that experience. And I opened up my Journal and I wrote the following words. I said, Dear God, whatever it takes for me to feel that way all of the time, I'm in, so be it. Now, the funny thing is, if I could have known then what that request would have initiated, I might have second guessed it.

[00:12:36.490] - Alessandra
That's the thing. When we go within and we ask for things, it's like, well, it might not lead us where we want to.

[00:12:47.830] - Michael
It wasn't just all puppy dogs and ice cream. It's like, okay, you want to feel that all the time? Well, get ready to purge everything that doesn't feel that way. And so that's what unfolded over the next probably 18 months was about what it was. And after that experience, I was kind of just hooked on meditation. And so I woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, and then laid right back down and went into meditation. And I would just go in and out all day until nighttime arrives. Then I grab my buddy, and we'd go out to the Lake, and then we'd go out there, we'd build a fire, we'd meditate out there, and then come home, sleep, do it all again. So it was meditation of anywhere between eight to 16 hours a day and then sleeping the rest. And so I did that for about 18 months. And that was my whole life. There was nothing else. And there was a few things that would happen is that I noticed that the peak experiences that I had along the way, there are moments of incredible clarity and such beauty, such knowingness. And then I was almost afraid to go to sleep afterwards because I didn't want to forget.

[00:14:51.930] - Michael
And so what I did is I kept a running notebook of a top ten list. And what I did is I had jotted down each of these, the top ten spiritual experiences that I'd have. I'd write down those experiences are enough for me to remember it. And then when I wake up into the morning, along with my breakfast, I'd review that list. And I wouldn't proceed on my day until I could remember every single one of those experiences. And so anybody who's on the path or whatnot I can't encourage you enough to make a practice of that, of journaling dreams and journaling your experiences, because it's really amazing. That how we can end up frequency shifting. And there's this thing called, like, a state dependent memory. And when we're in a heightened blissful state, then we're going to actually remember our other blissful States. But when we're not in the mundane in life actually can bring us down. It's very easy, unfortunately, to forget who we are and what we're a part of. And so it's a great conscious effort. And so that's what I did. And I was so focused on that and determined to reprogram my own brain such that it could maintain and hold those memories.

[00:16:33.930] - Michael
And I wouldn't forget. Is that my practice?

[00:16:42.490] - Alessandra
Actually, we are doing something similar in the community where me and Cara are connected. Someone started a thread where but we are sharing memories with each other where we had this connection. And that is also very powerful because some of those memories are maybe something we want to keep a little bit more private. But it also has power to share with others because I feel like I can tune into Kara's story and other friends stories. So we help each other to expand in. That beautiful.

[00:17:16.150] - Michael
Yeah. The support that we can be for each other is so valuable. And it's a rough gig to go at a loan, for sure.

[00:17:29.380] - Alessandra

[00:17:31.850] - Michael
Because it certainly flirts with the crazy rights where we just need somebody else to go. You're not crazy. And the value of that and the service that we provide for each other is a beautiful thing. We're all in this together. We're all in this together.

[00:17:55.910] - Alessandra
You were talking about when you say it's not all puppies and ice cream, do you want to share a little bit more about that?

[00:18:08.790] - Michael
Yeah. So my initiation processes were kind of under the tutelage of this shaman that was this friend of mine from back in high school, and he'd already been through a series of awakenings Incidentally, he had dabbled quite a bit in dark realms, and so he felt compelled to send me through the same initiations that he'd been through, which meant crawling through Hello Worlds and amongst other things. So I learned a lot about, let's say, the dark side of things during my initiation, and what it ended up doing was training me to be able to go places where most can't. What I had is I was put into very terrifying situations, and I knew that there was only one thing that I can trust, and that was the spark within. And so I kept returning to that, returning to that, returning to that. And despite no matter what it would be presenting itself in my sphere of awareness is that I never lost that connection to that spark. And so the whole thing served to train me to be able to maintain that full time access. And so it did it through, let's say, very gnarly and terrifying stimuli is what ended up being the catalyst that enabled me to feel this connection all the time.

[00:20:08.710] - Michael
It's the way that it rolls.

[00:20:10.010] - Kara
You enter the light via the dark.

[00:20:14.410] - Michael
Yeah. To hold a candle in the dark and not let it go out. And so that's kind of how my initiations went. And so they were incredibly difficult. But every time I checked in in my own time, and I connected to the divine, and I connected with God, and I built and fostered that relationship above all else. I always got the message that this is the shortest way to get it's, the shortest, fastest way to get where I want to be.

[00:21:12.870] - Kara
I think this is the same path of St. Augustine. Are you familiar with St. Augustine? I can't remember which century maybe. I feel like the Middle Ages. No, not Saint Augustine. Sorry, I can't remember now which St. That was. No, not St. Francis. But he created these exercises and meditations, and it always began with the darkness and kind of work that you had to do. It's so similar to what you're saying, but it's reflected in a totally different lineage, which is not surprising, but also that's got a Catholic connection and not shamanistic. The Saint will come to me at some point and it won't. But I can't remember now. Oh, Ignatius.


[00:22:23.680] - Kara
It was Ignatius.

[00:22:25.480] - Michael
Okay. Yeah, I'm going to jot that down and take a look at his story. So I'm kind of a bit of a button for punishment, you might say. But what I wanted to do is achieve is that any time that I encountered something that I was afraid of, rather than steering away from it, I went straight into it because I was determined to shed my fear of everything and all the way through the stack. And this included isolation out into the woods at night by myself. Which is funny thing is when you do something like that, it's amazing. Like all the stuff that pops up of like, oh, I'm going to get eaten by a bear or this is all primal fears that are just kind of built into us as humans. The fear of some bad man killer in the woods, kind of these are all archetypes and stories and stuff that are stored in the subconscious.

[00:23:39.400] - Kara
I mean, just you saying going in the woods at night and sleeping by yourself immediately, those are the things that come to mind for me. I don't even have to be out there.

[00:23:50.310] - Michael
Yeah. And so I just kept doing it and kept doing it until I was no longer afraid and had shed those fears. And in that was a deepening connection to all of the life that I was experiencing in the world of nature. And knowing that the mountain is to see a mountain line, for instance, is to witness something of great beauty and the connection that we have. It's not like it's going to come beat me when I'm there, loving it and appreciating it.

[00:24:36.020] - Kara
So speaking of St. Francis, you embodied St. Francis.

[00:24:46.910] - Michael
And about six months into this process, then something of serious significance occurred. I was going through the condolini awakening and feeling that spiral energy moving up the spine that had already initiated. It was about 901 night and along about February now, 2010, and I walked outside. I walked outside my little house. I was running there, and I felt the surge energy coming up. And then it hit me right in the heart. And a big blue light flashed out of me and it blew all the Transformers and took out 10,000 homes of power.

[00:25:41.910] - Kara
And could you see with your physical eyes the blue light?

[00:25:47.190] - Michael
Can see it with my physical eyes, the blue light. And there's an article in the paper the next day about a mysterious power outage on the West Side. The next six months was crazy because they kept blowing starters and alternators in my car and lights and flicker. I couldn't use technology. It was just scramble. And I was beginning to you at that beginning to whether I was ready for it or not, I was beginning to understand that there is a real world power associated with us, that we are powerful individuals and that this power that resides in us can have an effect on this physical world, that it's not just a spiritual journey. This is about an awakening to an actual power. And there have been those that have walked this Earth before who have demonstrated it as well. And they even prophesied that there will be others to come and that we would all have these abilities also even greater things. Shall we do? So that was an interesting period of time because at that point, then I'm like, okay, well, if I wasn't already in, I'm in now because I can't go back to you.

[00:27:29.310] - Michael
I didn't want to get on a plane, obviously. I'm like, oh, my crash the thing.

[00:27:35.230] - Kara
And you can't go back in your Journal and scribble out what you wrote the time before. You're all in now.

[00:27:49.070] - Michael
So I had to then learn how to manage that energy system and bring it under. I say control is not my favorite word, but I'm not sure what else to call it. And so the next six months was just all about that. And it was, of course, many strange experiences along the way there and trying to deal with these energy surges and what they would do to the environment around me.

[00:28:28.190] - Kara
Wow. Is this when you ended up at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center?

[00:28:38.510] - Michael
No, that would have been later. So after this incident with the whole blue light, I spent about another twelve months there in Bloomington and then tell it was time for me to go.

[00:28:59.410] - Kara
Sorry, Michael, did you have a teacher guiding you at that time after I mean, did you have some support of somebody who had experience with that?

[00:29:10.970] - Michael
Only the aforementioned kind of dark master.


[00:29:16.100] - Kara
Your friend from high school.

[00:29:18.770] - Michael
Yeah. So that was really my only connection. And we reached a point where he had a gift to give me, which was to help me get through. In the meantime, while all this is happening, my fingers started to come back to normal shape. I was gaining strength in my limbs. All of this was happening in my own healing process. So my mobility increased, my vitality was increasing. All of this is my body began to heal and reverse those arthritic conditions. So I am eternally grateful for the role that he played to help facilitate transition for me. And then when it came down to in 2010 winter solstice, I went out with him to the Lake. And then there was a gift that I was to give to him in return, which was to help him open that high heart for himself. And once that was given that moment, it was a beautiful moment. And I watched his face just all of a sudden and go from the serious, intense persona that he always carried. All of a sudden, it just melted. And it's like this little child came out. And as his high heart is opening, and he just looked at me and he said, Mike, this is the best moment of my whole life.


[00:30:55.350] - Alessandra
That's beautiful.

[00:30:57.470] - Michael
And at that point, I know we were done. That was the exchange that needed to be made. And so things began shaping up then for me to go on and walk to the next stage of my journey, which was to walk alone, if you will. And so that's what initiated there in 2011. That time, I left looming tenant and embarked on this seven year mission.

[00:31:31.080] - Kara
Okay. And this is the Wandering Wizard period.

[00:31:34.610] - Michael

[00:31:35.690] - Kara
Tell us about that.

[00:31:38.450] - Michael
I wasn't sure. I knew I couldn't go back into you. Of course, at this stage, I couldn't go back into the big city. I couldn't go back into the technology industry. I wasn't sure what to do, but I packed up my little bag of crystals and whatnot, and I took off and I began traveling around the country, looking, in a sense, for a new place to call home. And so my travel stick me in a variety of different places. And I wound up down in Arkansas for the 1111 Gateway. And with the group called the Earth Keepers, I end up spending that winter in the Ozarks, which is a pretty magical, amazing place. And then that's when I rolled back up to Bloomington and spent a month up there at the Tibetan Buddhist Center there. And then I knew at that point that I knew exactly where I needed to go. And that's when it comes to Sedona. So in 2012, I came to Sedona, and I spent a year working here on a variety of different projects, let's say, cleaning up some of the grid work and then working with all the vortexes here.

[00:33:23.030] - Michael
That was my duty.

[00:33:25.880] - Alessandra
For someone like me who doesn't know much about Sedona, can you just describe and Cara introduced us a little bit. But what is special about Sedona?

[00:33:36.770] - Michael
Sedona is nestled here in kind of Northern Arizona. It's what we call red rock country, surrounded by these beautiful red rock formations, similar to the Grand Canyon, if you will, except we get to live in it. And these red rock formations are the rocks are red here based on a high degree of iron content. So we're actually surrounded by a combination of iron, quartz, and water. And these things come together as part of this vortex where we actually have this Sedona as one of the spots on the planet where the magnetic field at the core of the Earth, it penetrates out through the crust. So you get these spiraling magnetic fields. And what happened when I first rolled into Sedona is that I found it stabilized my energy system, and it made it so much easier because of the whole electro thing. When I first rolled into Sedona here, I just broke down into tears, and I could just feel all of a sudden, my whole energy system just was like, oh, I could fractal out and extend myself very easily here so I wouldn't be overloaded. It's a very amazing and special place here for those who are able to, through meditation, are able to extend their consciousness into this sphere.

[00:35:30.370] - Michael
And so the spherical awareness, or spherical consciousness, is the knowing that our sense of identity is not built into our body. It's in this sphere that we might call our soul, or whatever you want to call it. It is the consciousness that actually is holding our physical body. So it's this sphere that we are that is kind of piloting this body around it's driving this just like we might drive a vehicle. And so in that awareness, that spherical awareness being here in Sedona, it's very easy to travel right down through the vortex and merge oneself with the planet. And that's the power of this place. And so you can basically ride the wave down right into the planet core. And it's an exquisite experience, and it makes it easier to attain that planetary awareness that we're seeking in our conscious meditations. So a lot of people who come to Sedona, they might find that what might take them 2030 minutes to achieve normally in a meditation only takes three or four minutes.

[00:36:50.120] - Alessandra
Oh, wow.

[00:36:53.110] - Michael
So it's a great accelerator being here. And Consequently, and subsequently the call of Sedona, many people are just drawn to come here. They may not know why, but it's calling here in order to have an exchange and an experience here.

[00:37:16.690] - Kara
And so then there are also certain spots within Sedona which and outside just outside as well, but where the energy is more perceptible and it's stronger. And you can even see trees which have grown in a spiral pattern. So you just look. I mean, you can see it just as a layperson. It doesn't have to be pointed out to you, because I noticed one north of Flagstaff before I had met you, and you had explained that it's a representation of the spiral of energy. But I had seen one in the Sunset Volcano Park, I think it was called, and that's pretty far from Sedona. But I was like, look at that tree. And it had grown. The bark just spiraled up in the way that it grew. And then we saw a lot of those also on the tour with you, but then you can also energetically feel. So Michael had taken us to different spots, and we had done things as a group or individually where we were putting our hands in our arms, maybe in different shapes or whatever, to get our bodies aligned with the energetic. And then you could feel the effect and the energy and the wind.

[00:38:36.190] - Kara
And it was very profound.

[00:38:39.970] - Michael
Yeah. That wind thing is pretty neat, isn't it?

[00:38:43.940] - Kara
It is.

[00:38:46.810] - Michael
So this is one of the things that I take people through in their kind of vortex experiences here and help them connect to the wind and realize that our own fields that we emanate out of our hearts, out of our bodies, are interacting with our physical environment and that walk outside, wave your hands, and you can actually change the course of the wind. This is a cool thing, and it's something that I learned, particularly during that six month period after the blue light experience is I started noticing profound interactivity with the wind. So the wind became ultimately my teacher and my guide. So I listened to the wind, and so I knew that whenever I could bring and focus everything into the center place, wind would always respond. So I knew that it wasn't just about me, but it's also about this planet. So I would meditate on the truth of what had been revealed to me in various different meditations, dreams or visions until and I would wait until the wind actually completely agreed, and then I would know the ultimate truth of it.

[00:40:16.390] - Kara
So does this then tie in with the copper donut? So when we were on the tour, you showed us connected to your phone, this interesting donut shaped device that had copper wire around it, and you could, like, put it up to your spiritual eye. You could put it on, like, any parts of your body that were uncomfortable, and it changed the way that felt. And you said that you also had built one that was, like the size of the room, and then you could stand in the middle of it. Is this a good time to talk about that? Because I found that really fascinating.

[00:40:59.290] - Michael
Yes. Well, I guess there's benefits to having that engineering education.


[00:41:03.990] - Michael
And ultimately, I took all the knowledge that I had from that, from those experiences, that training, that education and re real world experience, and then teamed up with a buddy here in Sedona to begin to build these devices that, in a sense, replicated the vortex by shaping the electromagnetic field around us in a very active way. And we're using all various different sacred geometry, what are known as Platonic solids, tetrahedrons and octahedrons, dodecahedrons, Icosa, hedrins and cubes. So we use these geometries to actually create these devices that generate the magnetic fields. And some of the experiences we've had with them have been pretty profound, particularly the one we built, the room size one, which used six different field generators. And you could sit basically in the middle of what we call the six axis stabilization that would stabilize your own body's energetic system. And we found that when people got in there that it would immediately bring them to peace of mind. It would just steal all their thoughts. And if some people that may be the first time they could remember since maybe their childhood and maybe even not then is experiencing peace of mind.

[00:42:56.070] - Michael
And when all the chatter goes away, and that is when we can then begin to truly hear in the silence that which is whispering to us.

[00:43:07.660] - Alessandra

[00:43:11.290] - Michael
And it's a beautiful experience, but we also experienced some other again, back to these kind of real world powers is that when we first turned the device on, we had a television that was in the room and it was unplugged from the wall and it turned itself on.

[00:43:28.680] - Alessandra
Oh, wow.

[00:43:32.150] - Michael
So we still have a whole lot of work to do in terms of playing with the various frequencies and harmonics and utilizing what's called resident frequencies. And so it's a kind of a work in progress to continue to evolve the technology.

[00:43:57.570] - Kara
Is it emitting a frequency or is it emitting, like a sound that we're not able to perceive? And then the body is trying to reach that frequency.

[00:44:11.970] - Michael
It takes the sound input and then generates a magnetic output.

[00:44:18.450] - Kara
Okay. Yeah. So the one that I saw was connected to your phone. So then you had a sound or frequency going on your phone, and then that was transferring that to.

[00:44:38.650] - Michael
Right. And typically it might use like a 432 Hertz signal, which is a heart shock frequency. And so it's playing that frequency is generating magnetic field based on that frequency. Now, the coils themselves have a resident frequency that's up in the ultrasound range, up around that's above the human hearing phones can't generate anything over 20,000 needs to go up to about 28,000, hit the natural frequency of the coil itself. And when that happens, then it begins to beat like a heart.

[00:45:18.530] - Kara
Oh, wow.

[00:45:21.670] - Michael
It's a very cool thing. And that's the ideal frequency to work with. But we don't have handheld ultrasound generators yet.

[00:45:32.830] - Alessandra
It's an interesting time when spirituality and science are kind of meeting.

[00:45:40.690] - Michael
Absolutely. Yes. Very interesting times. Fast forward into the some point in the future, and it's going to be a whole lot like Star Trek in this place of transport, beans and food Replicator, all of that.

[00:46:05.730] - Kara
So these devices, like the smaller devices, do you have those available commercially? I know you said there's work to be done on them.

[00:46:18.150] - Michael
Yes, actually, they're available through a website called Ipyramids.

[00:46:23.940] - Kara

[00:46:25.710] - Michael
Ipyramids. Net, I believe. And yeah. And there's a lot of information on that site and a variety of different products that can be ordered from there.

[00:46:40.270] - Kara
And the recommended use for that is it for clarity, for peace of mind during meditation.

[00:46:49.630] - Michael
Meditation aid. It also has there's cellular benefits to it. So it's also a healing aid as well.

[00:46:58.690] - Kara

[00:47:03.550] - Michael
If you've got a green thumb, you can set one of these things up and put seeds in it. And you're basically talking about it. Creating a sacred space with via science is from engineering perspective, you're creating a fractal field. And in that fractal field, and that becomes a way that you can structure water. You can, yes, program seeds to grow limited only by real creativity and what you want to do with the technology.

[00:47:51.850] - Kara
So as you're talking about the seeds, I had a little flashback to when we met in Sedona, and we were talking about healing. Now you are a shaman, and I don't know if there are things that you want to offer us. I find that in and of itself very interesting. So if there's anything there for you to share. But also I understand that certain things are definitely sacred, but one of the things that has resonated with me since we met was you talking about the elements in assistance with healing. So you talk about water structure. And of course, there's Dr. Emoto's water study, where he studied the effect of intention and vibration on water, and that was observed at the microscopic level. So directing thoughts or words toward water like love, beauty and elevating words and thoughts, and then also doing the opposite, hate and ugly and then freezing the water. And then the cells of the positive recipients were beautifully constructed crystals at the microscopic level. And the negative ones at the microscopic level were discolored and ugly and they didn't have structure. But then you talked about from a healing perspective, using the elements and kind of tapping into a tree, for instance.

[00:49:36.500] - Kara
And I don't know if you want to go. I'm kind of just throwing things out there that I really enjoyed talking about when we met and just offering whatever resonates with you to share as a thread.

[00:49:57.930] - Michael
The four elements are a critical part of just about average practice. And what you bring up about Doctor Moto's work is particularly important considering that our bodies are, what, 75%, 80% water. Right. One of the things that I discovered is I was doing healing work. And for anyone who's actually doing Reiki, doing energy work, doing massage, doing any kind of hands on healing work with others is that occasionally you encounter, well, it's always a spectrum of the degree of openness that somebody has and receptivity to being healed and then how much resistance they might have. And so one of the things that I discovered earlier is to leverage my own connection with the elements when I'm working with another person. And so if their consciousness might be in resistance to being healed, but I can connect with all the water in their body and that water is not. And so in the same way the Doctor Moto, you're talking about putting love and beauty and all this into the water is to just do that same way, hands on. And I just work with the body and I work with all the water in the body.

[00:51:34.970] - Michael
And this is a way that we can bless each other by creating this beautiful signature, if you will, or making an impression that's going to serve that person well wherever they're going. And so we always have an opportunity, whoever we're around, to actually affect at least 75%, 80% of their body. And I like that. It's a little kind of a shortcut but back door little wing Queen. We got you right. And so I did a lot of my healing in those years as a wandering wizard. It took me to Hawaii. I spent a year there and did a lot of healing work there and had some really amazing experiences there in Hawaii and eventually came back to the States when I returned to Sedona. Then I worked with a nonverbal autistic and her mother and to help this nonverbal actually to get more into her body, to begin to use the same kinds of things. So she began to learn, like how to control her energy fields to the extent where she could open and close the garage doors without having to touch them.


[00:53:25.440] - Michael
Things like that. To also develop an enhanced communication protocol so that she can and her mother could speak better and understanding, which is very rewarding.


[00:53:45.890] - Michael
Yeah. So that's like some of the experiences that I had. And it's very difficult. We could talk for hours here about all the fun stuff that happened along the way. And one of the things that when it comes to magic and miracles, is the importance of stepping out in faith. It's like the universe is just sitting here waiting for us to give it a chance. And the more that we try to pre plan everything, we're really hampering and hindering the ability of the universe to totally surprise and delight us because we were following a pre programmed regime. And if there's anything I could encourage anybody to do is give God a chance, restore the Sabbath. The Sabbath is this came along to me in Hawaii is what the Sabbath is really about. It's a day of no plans. Do not pre plan anything that you are going to do on that day. You wake up that day, let that day belong to God, the universe, and you wake up and say, what is in store for me today? It's not of my own plan, but of I and then live that day and just go with the flow of wherever that day takes you.

[00:55:50.700] - Michael
Let the universe treat you.

[00:55:55.650] - Kara
That's beautiful. Yes.

[00:55:57.530] - Alessandra
Thank you, Michael. I can see my car. I was so eager to bring you on the podcast. Unfortunately, I have to go very soon to choir, but I would love to sit here to continue for the rest of the night and sharing experiences. I also like how you share different exercises or experiences that, for example, bring the list of good memories or what you just shared because we need something tools to keep ourselves centered. Right. I just wanted to go back to what you mentioned about the water, because that was really interesting. And you already given the listeners and us things to take with us because you said we can help each other even if there is resistance in someone to heal. How can we help others? Because, as you said, we are all in this together. So if we are having a friend or family member or coworker that we have some difficulties with, how can we be a channel and help them? How do we work with the water.

[00:57:05.400] - Michael
In them from the inside out? This is what I like. First, the shortest distance between any two points is through the center. So the shortest distance for me to connect with you is to actually go through my center. Through my center is the center of all things. And so it's by coming into our own center that we become communically coupled with all centers. And so it is this way from the inside out that we actually make we're able to bridge the unbridgeable and we connect to the center on ourselves. We can use that center as a gateway to go through the center of the planet. And that expands our field and even bigger. And then there's no limit. We can go through the solar system. We can go through the whole Galaxy. We can become these Galactic huge beams. And from there, it becomes much easier to actually affect change. It comes much easier to actually build those bridges and then be patient and wait for it to actually come out. And so we offer that from the inside, we're already connecting. We're marrying ourselves, if you will, to another on the inside. And then we'll patiently wait for it to show up as it comes out.

[00:58:41.370] - Michael
And then it arcs between. And that's how we can connect with each other. Yes. From the inside.

[00:58:52.730] - Alessandra
From inside out.

[00:58:54.370] - Michael
Inside out.

[00:58:56.150] - Alessandra

[00:58:59.370] - Kara
Wow. This has been so filling. Thank you so much.

[00:59:04.580] - Alessandra
Yes. Thank you, Michael.

[00:59:06.310] - Michael
You're welcome. Thank you. Too. Many blessings to you. Many blessings to each of those who are listening. And I like to maybe share one little like simple little mantra. Okay. We need to say in our own practices this life is what it is, and it can get Hectic and Harry from time to time. And it is important that we are able to return to self. And so it is simply to say this. All that I am return to me now. All that I am returned to me now, by which I am not leave me now may all return to its rightful place and owner. So be it. And so it is.

[01:00:12.030] - Kara
I just heard that exact same thing when I was in Bloomington two weeks ago at the Tibetan cultural center where our paths intersected again. I heard the exact same mantra for the first time.

[01:00:31.410] - Alessandra
Well, that's beautiful. Thank you so much. Gratitude to you, Michael, for being here.

[01:00:36.630] - Kara
I hope this is just part one and we will meet with you again.

[01:00:43.110] - Michael
I would love that.

[01:00:44.640] - Kara
Great. Thank you so much.

[01:00:47.550] - Alessandra
Thank you.

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