273. How Can Music Therapy Enhance Your Meditation Practice?

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Get ready to embark on a sonic journey that's as enlightening as it is enriching.

In episode 273 of Meditation Conversation, I talk to Michelle Qureshi, a classically trained guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has made waves with 16 albums and an innovative sound meditation technique. What makes her story relatable is her constant quest for balance - between the intellectualized rigors of professional music training and the heart-centered intention to impact listeners.

Ever been intrigued by how the vibration of music can influence you? Michelle's journey into Reiki, her travels, and her unique Harmonic Sound Immersion will give you a detailed insight into this fascinating world.

Are you thinking of ways to take your meditation practice to the next level? Perhaps you've considered integrating music into your sessions for that extra layer of tranquility. Music and meditation are two powerful tools that, when combined, can create a harmonious balance, helping you to focus and deepen your practice.

The influence of music on our mental state is undeniable, and its therapeutic qualities can significantly enhance the benefits of meditation. By incorporating this into your routine, you're not only investing in your mental and emotional wellbeing, but also empowering yourself to maintain a calm and balanced approach in all areas of your life.

Here are the questions answered in this blog post:

  • What inspired Michelle Qureshi to combine music and spirituality in her work?

  • How has traveling influenced Michelle's music and her approach to creating?

  • Learn more about the concept behind Michelle Qureshi's album, A Blueprint for Life?

  • How does Michelle perceive the healing power of music?

  • What role does the use of different instruments play in Michelle's Harmonic Sound Immersion?

1. What inspired Michelle Qureshi to combine music and spirituality in her work?
For Michelle, music and spirituality are not merely intertwined but profoundly connected, much like two bodies in orbit around each other. It's not so much a factor of combining the two, as much as it is an organic expression of her innate curiosity and wonder about the world and human experience. As an artist, she's naturally drawn to explore the mysteries of the heart and spirit, using music as her medium of expression. Similarly, her spiritual journey is informed by her love for music and the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Interestingly, it’s a blend of who she is, both as a human being and as an artist. These two elements have always been a part of her life, shaping her perspectives, coloring her moods, and steering her actions. In the podcast, Michelle shared insights about how she strikes a balance between letting the music guide her spiritual experiences and using her spiritual intuitiveness to influence the music she creates. It is a delicate dance, one marked by sensitivity, attentiveness, and an underlying desire to create something meaningful for her listeners. Our discussion was particularly riveting when she recounted her trip to Morocco. Despite the enticing sensory overload that the country offers, Michelle managed to keep her focus inward, navigating her journey with graceful intentionality. She purchased a camel-skin drum, intending to weave its unique sound into her next harmonic sound immersion. It was a vivid example of how her experiences dovetail into her work, seamlessly blending music and spirituality in a manner deeply enshrined in authenticity. The dichotomy between Michelle's music and spirituality illuminates the way she believes music resonates with each individual, allowing them to access healing and transformative experiences. Consider how such a blend can provide enriched and nuanced perspectives when you're going through life’s ups and downs. Music's universal language often moves us in ways words can’t, stirring up emotions and unfurling memories with an uncanny precision that is both awe-inspiring and comforting. And then spirituality, with its emphasis on self-reflection, healing, and peace, speaks to the quintessential human desire for connection and understanding. Marrying these two aspects can result in a richer, deeper experience, a tapestry woven of sound and soul that provides solace, inspiration, and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of belonging in a world often marked by disconnects. This is why Michelle's approach is appealing - it taps into our collective longing for experiences that heal, uplift, and connect us in meaningful ways.

2. How has traveling influenced Michelle's music and her approach to creating?
Traveling is deeply intertwined with Michelle's compositions, playing a critical role in shaping the nature and essence of her music. It's not merely about visiting new places physically, but more about the intrinsic journey and the transformative experiences that ensue. Each different environment, cultural backdrop, and a diverse set of interactions contribute to an enriched catalog of inspirations that directly influence her music. As she delves into unfamiliar territories, patterns, and rhythms, the essence of cultural diversity seeps into her melodies, introducing novel touches to her existing style. The experiences gathered throughout her travels foster innovation, as she continually evolves her compositions to align with her diverse inspirations. Reflecting on her visit to Morocco, she recalls how the trip had a profound impact on her. It wasn't just about being in a different country, absorbing the sights and scenes, but more about staying off her phone, immersing herself completely in the experience. In this digital detox phase, she discovered an old music video of hers gaining traction, reaching over 250,000 people worldwide. The episode highlights the importance of letting go, surrendering control to let things just be. This philosophy gets reflected in her music, where each composition is a manifestation of her personal experiences, filled with raw emotions and authentic soundscapes. As she incorporates new instruments such as the camel skin drum she acquired during this trip, she not only expands her musical repertoire but also vividly portrays her journey through her notes. Understanding the overlay between Michelle's travel experiences and her music creation cognitive process brings forth the crucial role that diversity plays in fostering creativity and nurturing unique perspectives. It is through the embracing of various cultures, rhythm patterns, and sounds that Michelle's music continues to evolve, reaching new melodic heights with every creation. Her compositions, encapsulating her personal journeys and encounters, serve as a metaphorical language that communicate her experiences to an audience spread across the globe. Just as she immerses herself in the ebb and flow of her journey, she invites her listeners to do the same - to experience the highs and lows through the rhythm of her melodies. This deep sense of connection resonates with the listeners, creating an intimate bond through the shared rhythm of life.

blueprint3. Can you tell us more about the concept behind Michelle Qureshi's album, A Blueprint for Life?
Michelle's recently released album A Blueprint for Life embodies a deeply resonant concept. It's an exploration through musical notes and chords, where each track represents an architectural detail. By aligning her heart with this concept, she wields the power of sound in sharing her personal narrative interwoven with universal experiences. Her musical sojourns are layered, not just in an audio sensory level but also featuring multiple guitar lines painting a textured sonic canvas. The concept behind A Blueprint for Life is far-reaching, yet personal. It’s a musical reflection of life experiences, meticulously designed and thoughtfully expressed. From Michelle's perspective, A Blueprint for Life is more than just another album - it's an essence of her existential blueprint. It's the culmination of in-depth explorations of five different architectural details, metaphorically related to life’s various nuances. With each detail representing a different track, she used the magic of layered guitar lines, stacking them one atop another, painting a vivid auditory picture. While creating this album, Michelle invested in each musical note with a purpose, perceiving those as micro-universes of resonance, coupled meticulously to interact and generate profound layers of rhythmic experiences for her listeners. To her, every note and chord is meant to vibrate a message, to be experienced and felt at different levels by her listeners. Understanding the concept behind A Blueprint for Life is not just about appreciating her creative prowess, it's pivotal to sensing the deeper meanings she seeks to infuse into every note. This album is an extension of Michelle's belief about her purpose; it's about channeling her life’s experiences, her passion for architecture, and her personal journey into a universal language that transcends barriers — music. The healing prowess of music allows listeners to find their interpretations, harness their emotions, and most importantly, transport them to an auditory odyssey of discovery. Music, in this case, cease to be a mere form of entertainment. Instead, it emerges as a tool of exploration and connection, building bridges between the artist and listener, mediating a journey guided by sounds that speaks volumes, serving a higher life purpose.

4. How does Michelle perceive the healing power of music?
In music and sound, there is an inherent power that can touch upon and stimulate various aspects of our being, with immense potential for healing. Michelle's perspective reflects this understanding, emphasizing the profound influence of music on our mind, body, and spirit. The transformative capability of music rests in its vibrational nature, aligning with our own energy to invoke feelings, emotions, and to transport us into different states of being. This therapeutic effect is universal, transcending language, culture, and geographical boundaries, connecting people from all walks of life. From the podcast episode, it is evident that Michelle's music represents more than just an arrangement of sounds. Through her craft, she aims to guide listeners on a deeper, spiritual journey, tapping into broader experiences. Creating absorbing soundscapes, she fuses modern and ancient instruments to engage and impact listeners. Her compositions embody her current personal and spiritual state, and helps listeners draw from the composition what they need at any given time. Michelle's music is about aligning attention and intention to promote healing and transformation. The understanding that music holds immense therapeutic potential is a revelation of the multifaceted power of the art form. Given our sensory dependence on sound, music can genuinely play a significant role in personal growth and healing. For anyone who seeks musical therapy, the works of artists like Michelle Qureshi can undoubtedly serve as a beacon, guiding them through their journey. Recognizing the healing power of music helps us appreciate the nuances and subtleties of this medium beyond entertainment, assessing and appreciating its profound influence on our wellbeing and spiritual enhancement. 

5. What role does the use of different instruments play in Michelle's Harmonic Sound Immersion?
The use of different instruments in Michelle's Harmonic Sound Immersion can be likened to the varied colors used by a painter on canvas. As a musician, Michelle engages with her instruments as a means to communicate emotions, thoughts, and insights that transcend the limit of verbal language. Musical instruments all have unique timbres and tonal characteristics that, when played separately or together, can evoke distinct feelings, moods, or images. They are Michelle's auditory color palette, which she uses to create soundscapes that transport listeners to different realms of consciousness. This form of expression is deeply liberating, allowing the artist to share her personal experiences and interpretations of reality, then inviting the audience on that audial journey. Referencing the conversation with Michelle, she underscores this concept with her recent purchase of the drum from Morocco. Mentioning her intention to incorporate this new instrument into her next Harmonic Sound Immersion session is a testament to her dedication in exploring different properties to enrich her work. Michelle’s affinity for diverse musical instruments encourages the listeners to keep an open mind and embrace novelty in their sound healing journey. Her music, born from the combination of multiple instruments, becomes a living, resonating entity that dances with the listeners’ senses, emotions, and imagination. Remember, instruments are not merely objects that create sound; they are conduits that carry the emotions and intentions of the player. When we listen to an instrument being played, we are not only perceiving the audible sound but also connecting to the unique vibration each instrument radiates. It is this combination that invokes the profound experiences listeners often report having with her Harmonic Sound Immersions. In each of her performances, Michelle chooses her instruments with purpose and intention, crafting an etheric mosaic of sounds that stimulate, harmonize, and soothe the mind and body. This is a testament to the transcendent blend of art and spirit that characterizes her unique approach to musical therapy.

This conversation with Michelle Qureshi underlines just how impactful music can be in our meditation practice. From the vibrational influence of music to its ability to guide our spiritual journeys, Michelle's insights are an invaluable addition to our understanding of this relationship. The questions we explored highlight this importance, delving into the uniquely personal expressions of Michelle's music and how it shapes and is shaped by her experiences. If you're a practitioner of meditation, consider incorporating music into your practice. It is clear that music, with its universal language, can reach where words cannot, providing a deeper, more enriching experience.

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