275. Transform Your Life: Spiritual Growth Through DNA Activation - Sally Knopp & Lorenda Carr

Sally & Lorenda

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Sally Knopp and Lorenda Carr take listeners on a transformative journey of spiritual growth, unlocking hidden potential, and embracing the irony of their innate abilities, as they activate dormant DNA strands and confront the conflict between limiting beliefs and their true potential.

Everyone has the potential to activate their DNA strands and unlock their hidden abilities. We just need to be ready to see the truth within ourselves. - Lorena Carr

My special guests are Sally Knopp & Lorenda Carr.

Sally Knopp is a seasoned explorer of the multi-dimensional world and an accomplished energy healer. Drawing from a brimming palette of renowned techniques, she's curated a transformative healing experience that taps into the superhuman potential within each of us. Notorious for conducting deep incisions into hidden blockages, Sally's work manifests powerfully in her clients' lives, etching its mark in their journey to self-discovery. Her previous appearances on the podcast have been powerful deep dives into her groundbreaking work and the tangible transformation she enables.

Lorenda Carr's journey has been a fascinating tapestry of spiritual exploration and intuitive mediumship. Her innate connection to the ethereal make her insights invaluable, and her ability to communicate with multiple dimensions is nothing short of transformative.

Lorenda and Sally team up frequently to amplify their unique gifts in the highest service. Lorenda's endeavors with Sally have synergistically propelled both their works into new realms of discovery, deepening the understanding and application of DNA activation, and propelling their shared mission of assisting humanity forward.

Sally Knopp and Lorenda Carr, like many of us, had their fair share of trials and tribulations. However, their journey took an unexpected turn when they began exploring the realm of spiritual growth and DNA activation. Sally, dealing with the loss of a loved one, found herself questioning her life path and purpose. She began to delve deeper into her own emotional turbulence, confronting her feelings of sadness, regret and confusion head on. It was a road trip with Lorenda that sparked a pivotal change in their lives. Lorenda, unknowingly, opened up a conversation - an unexpected, channeled "conversation" - about DNA activation and its potential impact on enhancing intuitive abilities. Sally, though initially taken aback, found herself intrigued and began a rigorous exploration into this unique field. Little did they know, this conversation would lead them on a compelling journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

  • Discover hidden depths and unlock your latent abilities through spiritual growth and DNA activation.

  • Navigate the powerful dynamics of emotional processing and find the key to liberating trapped energies for holistic healing.

  • Unveil the transformative potential of harnessing your innate abilities, opening doors to spheres yet uncharted.

  • Recognize the pillars of neutrality, acceptance, and trust and their paramount significance in your healing journey.

  • Embrace change, re-scripting your narrative, and manifesting a fulfilling and inspired life new experience. 

photo-1628595351029-c2bf17511435Activating DNA Strands for spiritual growth and abilities.
We're all familiar with DNA as the blueprint of life, but what if beyond the biological aspect, DNA also held the keys to our spiritual evolution and abilities? This idea revolves around the concept of DNA Activation, a process of unleashing dormant strands of DNA, kickstarting spiritual growth, and elevating consciousness. It's a journey inviting us to delve into undiscovered parts of our being, expanding our spiritual 'sight' and unveiling what was once hidden or unaccessible. In her discussion with me, Sally shared her perspective on DNA Activation and how it had impacted her along with those she works with, such as Lorenda. Sally explained that DNA Activation is a continuous process, not a one-off event, leading to amplified psychic abilities and enhanced spiritual growth. The personal experiences Lorenda shared about her improved mediumship abilities post-activation likewise shed light on the genuine potential this process offers for anyone seeking spiritual evolution.

Clearing Trapped Emotional Energies and embracing neutrality for spiritual development.
Sometimes, past traumas and unresolved emotions can create invisible hurdles that block the path to our spiritual growth. Clearing these trapped emotional energies is crucial to aid spiritual development. It calls for neutrality, a state of acceptance of what is, without judgment or resistance. By doing so, you pave the way for healing, self-acceptance, and room for fresh narratives to emerge. Sally and Lorenda brought valuable insights to this matter in this episode. They both underlined the importance of releasing shadowy baggage and old wounds to nurture spiritual growth. Both shared the belief that it is through confronting and letting go of past emotional traumas, we can create a fresh narrative and enjoy a new life experience. Sally cautioned about the habit of repeating old patterns if individuals fail to be careful about the thoughts they entertain, calling everyone to practice mindfulness and embrace neutrality as a way forward for spiritual healing and development.

Experience transformative growth and unlock hidden potential.
There's a fascinating world within us just waiting to be discovered and explored - a world rich with potential and brimming with untapped abilities. Just think about the time when you had an intuition that proved correct, or when you felt a strong connection with someone the first time you met them. These are all glimpses of the innate capabilities we all have tucked inside, laying dormant, just waiting to be awakened. Realizing these latent abilities can lead to transformative personal growth and create a profound shift in your perception of life and your place in it. Reflecting on their own journeys, both Sally and Lorenda shared some amazing insights. Sally has been guiding Lorenda through the process of DNA activation, allowing her to access and utilize abilities she never knew she had. Not only did this lead to a powerful spiritual expansion for Lorenda, but also it resulted in a pivotal change in her abilities as a medium. Her experiences affirm the idea that we all possess latent abilities that can be unlocked, leading to transformative growth and a deeper understanding of our spiritual selves.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:14 - Introduction,
Introduction to the podcast episode and the guests, Sally Knopp and Lorena Carr, who will be discussing the evolution of Sally's work and its impact on Lorena's work as a medium and intuitive.

00:04:14 - Snowball Effect of Evolution
Sally describes her recent journey of self-discovery and healing after experiencing loss. She explains how this process led to a major up-leveling in her work and the activation of additional DNA strands.

00:09:46 - Activating DNA Strands
Sally shares her understanding of DNA activation and the potential abilities associated with each activated strand. She clarifies that activation is a self-regulating process and that she has not yet seen anyone ready for activation beyond the 6th strand.

00:12:44 - Sally's Work Process
Sally explains her process of connecting with clients' energy and activating their DNA strands. She emphasizes the importance of intention and attention in tapping into their frequency and clearing energetic blocks.

00:14:40 - Moving Forward and Responsibility
Sally discusses the role of personal responsibility in one's own growth and transformation. She highlights the need to clear limiting beliefs and feed the mind with positive thoughts to manifest desired outcomes in the quantum field.

00:16:57 - The Journey of DNA Activation
Lorenda discusses her experience with DNA activation, describing how Sally would put her in theta states and they would do interdimensional work. Lorenda initially found it confusing but felt a shift in her physical body during the DNA activation process. She also shares a powerful mediumship experience she had on TikTok.

00:23:24 - Divine Timing and Synchronicities
Lorenda and Sally discuss the importance of divine timing and how things align perfectly in their journeys. They share examples of synchronicities, such as finding out about a book just after looking at the author's website. They emphasize the interconnectedness of all experiences.

00:26:40 - Mediumship Breakthroughs
Lorenda shares a specific mediumship breakthrough she had on TikTok, where she received specific and accurate information about a person's deceased loved one. She describes the energetic surge she felt during the reading and the validation she received from the person she was reading for.

00:30:10 - Channeling Messages
Lorenda discusses her experience of channeling messages during a drive, where she felt like she was speaking words that were not her own. She highlights the powerful and transformative nature of these experiences, as well as the increased energy flow in her body.

00:30:39 - Increased Abilities and Growth
Lorenda and Sally reflect on the growth and development that has occurred through the DNA activation process. 

00:32:04 - Trusting Intuition and Spiritual Experiences
They discuss how they allow their intuition to guide them and shares experiences with spirit communication and mystical experiences during sleep.

00:33:26 - The Unpredictability of Psychic Abilities
They reflects on occasional clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences and how they come and go. They also discusse the solstice energy and how it may have contributed to recent experiences.

00:37:00 - Skepticism and Body Awareness
The difference between belief and knowing when it comes to psychic abilities. Lorenda's body can sense the vibrational difference when connecting with spirit.

00:39:43 - Energy Work and Physical Symptoms
My daughter's experience with energy work and how she developed physical symptoms after an energy clearing with Sally. Releasing viral energies can sometimes cause flu-like symptoms, emphasizing the holistic nature of multidimensional healing.

00:44:05 - Ready for the Journey
The importance of being ready to face the truths and challenges that come with developing psychic abilities and the need to be prepared for self-reflection and personal growth.

00:46:47 - Importance of Being Ready
Being ready and prepared is crucial for activating DNA strands and gaining clarity. Your Spirit team won't allow it if you're not ready, as it may not be for your highest good.

00:47:07 - Embracing Neutrality
Embracing neutrality is essential for addressing and releasing shadows and old baggage. It allows for acceptance and trust in the divine guidance that helps us move forward.

00:48:33 - Clearing Trapped Emotional Energies
Clearing trapped emotional energies is vital for creating a healthier mindset and allowing new experiences to manifest. Resistance prolongs the process, while non-resistance expedites it.

00:51:55 - Igniting the Superhuman Within
The ultimate goal is to ignite the superhuman within us by removing old patterns and creating a new narrative. This leads to a new life experience and a higher level of consciousness.

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