184. Biofield Healing - Niamh


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How does sound help us to heal trauma, stress, and resistance across time?

How can you claim back your vital life force?

Is it important to connect with the “story” of your trauma, in order to release it?

Niamh joins from Ireland in this insightful conversation, where we discuss cacao, biofield tuning, and so much more. Additional threads we pull include:

  • What does the body’s electrical and magnetic fields have to do with the aura?
  • What is the importance of grounding and conn…

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183. Upgrading Your Healing Abilities - Sally Knopp

Sally Knopp

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Why can it be hard for energy healers to affect positive healing change on those they are closest to?

What is the role of the oversoul in your human healing journey?

It was a great joy to connect again with Sally Knopp in this episode! Sally is a multi-diminsional energy healer who blends many different healing modalities and approaches to her own healing art. In this episode she talks about how a recent loss of someone very close to her ignited an upgrade to her healing gifts, bu…

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181. Modern-day Shamanic Elder - Charles Matthew

Charles Matthew

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Charles Matthew began his career as an engineer with the US government in the 1960s. He discovered energetic healing in the 70s and followed a non-traditional shamanic path, which lead him to some really incredible experiences such as levitation and invisibility! He has recently come out of retirement as he has received the message to pass on what he knows about energetic healing. 

In this episode we dive into many fascinating topics:

  • 1970s coping with a high stress career, turn…

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179. The 7 Energies of the Soul - David Gandelman

David Gandelman

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How do deficiencies and excesses in our energies keep us stuck?

How do you balance the dichotomy of letting life be effortless and creating and contributing to the world?

How is moving away from pain and towards comfort ultimately causing suffering? 

David Gandelman and I dive into these topics and so much more! David is the founder of Meditation School, the host of several podcasts, and a meditation instructor at Cornell. He is the author of the new book, “The 7 Energies of the …

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174. The Inherent Wisdom of the Body - Teresa Bruni

Teresa Bruni

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Where can we turn when modern medical science is unable to get us better?

How do we access the inherent wisdom of the body to get us on a path to wellness and wholeness?

Teresa Bruni has been forced deep into a journey of her own body's ability to heal, as she dealt with chronic issues that were unable to be resolved with modern medicine. Her experience ignited her passion for helping other people on their healing journeys, so they can live life to the fullest. Some of the topics …

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172. Losing It All to Gain Everything - ZofiaRennea Morales


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She started to lose her mind. She couldn’t remember things, a 30 minute meal would take her 3 hours to prepare, she couldn’t hold a job, she became bankrupt. This sounds like the framework for tragedy, but for ZofiaRennea it was fertile grounds for a massive transformation.

ZofiaRennea Morales is an intuitive, healer, and mystic, and she helps others learn how to lead their lives from their soul. Some topics we get into:

  • Spiritual transformation and awakening.
  • How her healing c…

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163. Healing with Angels - Dr. T

Dr. T

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Dr. T has been dubbed a "human engineer" for the work he does to facilitate healing within his clients. What makes his approach unique is the involvement of angels in his work.

In this episode you will hear Dr. T do an impromptu remote healing session on my children (in particular, my daughter), who were not present. I do not have any recent updates on her scoliosis, but I will say that she was unprecedentedly tired after he worked on her. She fell asleep twice in the car during sh…

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156. Energy Editing and Quantum Healing - Teresa Kaplan

Teresa Kaplan

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Teresa Kaplan is a psychotherapist turned transformational teacher, healer, and mentor. Over time she has discovered the role of energy in completely healing the root of trauma, and she has evolved her practice to center around Energy Editing for the most accelerated shifting into wholeness. In this episode we discuss:

  • How she went from being a psychotherapist to holistic energy healer.
  • The huge role of the subconscious in dealing with trauma.
  • The intelligence of the human and …

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146. Physical Body Changes using Awareness - Ann Hince

Ann Hince

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Can you heal your own body from the inside, using your awareness and connection to your emotions?

Remarkably, Ann Hince does just that! Ann tragically found her mother dead in the bathtub when she was 19 years old. Twenty years later she was suffering with stress which she knew was caused by never releasing the trauma from her mother’s death. She used Emotional Freedom Technique (“tapping”) for about 15 minutes and opened up a whole world of healing - both emotional and physical.
- …

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55. John Lockley - The Leopard Warrior Returns

John Lockley(1)-1

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Fresh from spending many weeks in the wilderness of the Kalahari Desert, traditional South African shaman John Lockley dives deeply into the wisdom he has cultivated through spiritual practice involving nature, the elements, and his ancestors. In this episode we explore:

  • The mystical story of how he was guided to a tracker in Botswana, who was in intuitive communication with a leopard calling for John's presence. This culminated in the creation of the Kalahari retreat.
  • Using dre…

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